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Welcome to the home of the Original Township Guitar.

The Township Oilcan Guitar was engineered on the original Khoi "ramkietjie" guitar developed by early Khoisan African tribes. After careful component selection and tuning the Township Oilcan guitar has taken its place on the world stages including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Hall, and The Royal Albert London plus others. The guitar offers a unique African Township sound.

Each guitar is handmade and hand tuned to exacting musical standards.

Some of the musicians who proudly own a Township Guitar:

Bruce Springsteen
David Rhodes (Peter Gabriel's guitar player)
Peter Gabriel
Gerry Leonard (former David Bowie and current Suzanne Vega guitar player)
David Gilmour of Pink Floyd,
Snow Patrol
Steven Seagal and Ray Stevenson(actor /guitar players)
Paul Carrack
David Kramer

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